Peter de Swart, Nijmegen

Peter de Swart


with Ljudmila Geist and Giorgos Spathas:
Workshop on Perspectives on Argument Alternations
DGfS 2013, March 14-15, 2013

with Petra Hendriks:
Workshop on Stuctural Alternations: Speaker and Hearer Perspectives
University of Groningen, August 24, 2011

with Klaus von Heusinger, Helen de Hoop, and Udo Klein:
Workshop on Case Variation

with Monique Lamers and Luuc van der Horst:
NWO/DFG Workshop on Case, Word Order, and Prominence in Argument Structure

with Sander Lestrade and Monique Lamers:
PIONIER Workshop on Animacy

with Emar Maier:
SIN III: The Third Semantics in the Netherlands Day

with Tessel van Balen and Helen de Hoop:
PIONIER Workshop on Differential Subject Marking

with Leonid Kulikov and Andrej Malchukov:
PIONIER Workshop on Case, Valency and Transitivity

with Yang Ning:
PIONIER Workshop on Contrast in Discourse